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INAMARINE Exhibition: Uniting Maritime, Coating, and Welding Industries in Jakarta

The INAMARINE Exhibition, held annually in Jakarta, Indonesia, is a prestigious event that stand as a pillar for the maritime industry in Southeast Asia. This comprehensive exhibition not only showcases the latest advancements in the maritime sector but also incorporates two sub-events as supporting sectors, INACOATING and INAWELDING, which play an important role in all sectors of the industry. At the shows, we are bringing together various industries under one roof.

Overview of the INAMARINE Exhibition:

The INAMARINE Exhibition in Jakarta is an eagerly awaited event that serves as a comprehensive platform for the marine industry. Held annually, it gathers industry professionals, enthusiasts, and key stakeholders from across the globe to showcase the latest state-of-the-art vessels, marine equipment, navigation systems, safety solutions, sustainable practices, and more within the maritime sector.

With a focus on fostering business connections and knowledge exchange, the INAMARINE Exhibition facilitates networking opportunities, forums, and seminars that address critical industry trends, opportunity and challenges. As one of the leading maritime events in Southeast Asia, INAMARINE has consistently played a pivotal role in driving the growth and development of the maritime industry, making it a must-attend event for anyone involved or interested in the maritime sector.

INACOATING – Advancements in Coating Technology:

Alongside the INAMARINE Exhibition, the INACOATING sub-event took a center stage. INACOATING is dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in the coatings industry, focusing on coatings for marine applications. The Coatings sector plays an important role in shipbuilding and marine structures to protect against harsh environmental conditions, corrosion, and fouling, ultimately extending their service life and ensuring optimal performance.

Visitors to INACOATING can explore a wide array of innovative coating solutions, ranging from eco-friendly and sustainable options to high-performance coatings that withstand extreme marine environments. The sub-event serves as an important platform for coatings manufacturers, suppliers and users to connect with each other to conduct business, share knowledge and explore the latest technologies and innovations in the marine coatings market.

INAWELDING – Advancing Welding Technologies:

The second sub-event, INAWELDING, focuses on advancements in welding material, technology and applications within the maritime industry. Welding plays a crucial role in shipbuilding, repairs, and maintenance, ensuring the structural integrity of vessels and maritime infrastructure. INAWELDING aims to highlight the latest welding techniques, equipment, and materials that enhance efficiency, quality, and safety in welding operations.

Exhibitors at INAWELDING demonstrate cutting-edge welding technologies, including automation and robotics, that streamline manufacturing processes and improve the overall productivity of the industry. The sub-event serves as an interactive platform for welding professionals, engineers, and researchers to exchange ideas, discuss best practices, and stay abreast of emerging market and trends in the welding sector.


The simultaneous staging of INAMARINE, INACOATING, and INAWELDING creates a unique opportunity for participants to explore the synergies between the maritime, coating, and welding industries. The interconnectedness between these sectors are cross-industry collaborations that will present opportunities and innovations with the aim of addressing the challenges of advancing the maritime sector.

Attendees can discover how advances in coating technology to enhance corrosion protection on ships and marine infrastructure, while improved welding techniques can contribute to the longevity and safety of vessels. Moreover, the exchange of ideas and expertise between professionals in these interconnected industries encourages the development of integrated solutions that optimize efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.


The INAMARINE Exhibition, featuring the sub-events INACOATING and INAWELDING, represents a powerful nexus where the maritime, coating, and welding industries converge to share knowledge, technologies, innovation, and collaborative opportunities. This prestigious event not only underlines the growth and potential of the maritime sector, but also highlights the important role that supporting sectors such as coating and welding technology play in shaping a better future for the industry. As each exhibition progresses, participants and visitors involved in the industry can be part of the promising progress and sustainable development of the maritime world.

We invite you to Come & Visit Us in 23 – 25 Aug 2023 at JIExpo, Jakarta – Indonesia where we will feature INAMARINE 2023, INACOATING 2023 and INAWELDING 2023 at the same floor.

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